NTI Group welcomes Brazilian MAPData

17 June 2024 - NTI Group, Europe’s leading software and service provider to the construction, design, manufacturing and media & entertainment industries, has today announced the acquisition of MAPData. The NTI Group thereby expands its footprint by entering Brazil and becomes a global player.


NTI Group (‘NTI’) is very excited to announce the acquisition of the Brazilian Platinum Partner, MAPData. NTI is among the largest Autodesk partners in the world, and with the expansion to the Brazilian market, NTI is now present in 13 countries and has more than 875 employees. The acquisition marks NTI’s first acquisition outside of Europe.

MAPData is the leading Autodesk Platinum Partner in Latin America. With a national reach in Brazil, MAPData provides a diverse customer base with solutions for the construction, design, and manufacturing industries. Furthermore, they also offer training, consultancy, and advising on the software provided to customers. MAPData was founded in 1991 and has a proven track record of strong and profitable growth with annual revenue of EUR 47 million and 175 employees in 12 different cities across Brazil.

Expanding into Latin America and becoming a global player

“I am very proud to share the news that the NTI Group is expanding into Latin America by entering the Brazilian market. The acquisition of MAPData is strategically important and marks a significant step for NTI Group, taking us from being a leading European Autodesk partner to being a global player,” says Steen Alexander, CEO of NTI Group. “As MAPData becomes part of the NTI family, they can draw on a large pool of experts and bring our own developed software to the Brazilian customers. Together, we will leverage the capabilities of a unified group, further strengthening the value proposition to our customers, ensuring a dedicated focus on our mission to help our customers develop profitable, better, and more sustainable solutions. A warm welcome to our new Brazilian customers and colleagues.”

“We are very excited that NTI has decided to make a significant investment in Brazil, one of our largest growth opportunities in the Americas region. The combination of NTI and MAPData in Brazil represents an exciting opportunity to expand our reach and capability to help our new and existing customers achieve their business objectives” says Pete Baxter, Vice President, Americas Sales, Autodesk.

Becoming part of a strong global Group

“We are thrilled to be a part of the NTI Group and honored to be entrusted to lead the NTI Group’s journey outside of Europe. Together we are stronger, and we are happy to offer customers in Brazil an even higher level of solutions, support, and services,” says Paulo Onuchic, Managing Director of MAPData.

Jesper Kalko, Director of NTI Group, adds: “A warm welcome to our new colleagues and customers! We are on an incredible journey, and the expansion marks a significant milestone. The first acquisition that NTI made outside of Denmark was in Sweden in 2004. It feels amazing that we, 20 years later, are entering the Latin American market. MAPData is one of our largest acquisitions to date in a new and exciting geographical area. We look forward to a solid partnership with a continued focus on our mission of serving our customers with the best software, support, and services.”

NTI Group

NTI Group is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and among the largest Autodesk partners in the world with a revenue run rate of EUR 345 million and more than 875 employees (both numbers including MAPData) in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, The Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of digital solutions for the construction, design, manufacturing and media & entertainment industries. NTI Group has been backed by Nordic private equity group Axcel since 2022. For more information on NTI Group, please visit: www.nti-group.com


MAPData is a leading Autodesk Platinum Partner in Latin America with an annual revenue of EUR 47 million, supporting companies in the construction, design, and manufacturing industries. For more info, please visit: www.mapdata.com