Autodesk Tandem

Realize your digital twin vision, your way

Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin technology platform. It enables projects to start digital and stay digital, transforming rich data into business intelligence.

By harnessing BIM data throughout the process, AEC firms can create and handover a digital twin to building owners and operators. The easily accessible, contextual, and insightful data they receive makes for ready-to-go operations.

  • Import Revit and IFC models
  • Specify digital twin asset information requirements
  • Capture and normalise asset data by mapping non-structured parameters to structured parameters in Tandem
  • Edit asset data in Tandem or in Microsoft Excel
  • Track data changes

A digital twin is a dynamic, up-to-date replica of a physical asset that brings together design, construction and operational data. With the addition of real-time operational data, digital twins acquire the behavioral awareness necessary to simulate, predict and inform decisions based on real-world conditions.