Data analytics

(Autodesk & Autodesk Construction Cloud - ACC)

Diatec use Data analytics to help clients understand how their Autodesk tools are being used against their own services and processes. Understand your Autodesk users Licensing patters including usage, Apps used, frequency of use & optimise the Autodesk licensing model combination (Subscription, Flex, Premium), to minimise your annual expenditure, reduce waste & deploy the most appropriate Autodesk licenses for your requirements.

In Autodesk Construction Cloud, get a holistic view of each project with customisable project-level dashboards.

Quickly build an actionable list of daily tasks & gain visibility into what to prioritise. Analyse data across projects to create a broader view of companywide performance. See how all projects perform & make better-informed business decisions with customisable dashboards.

Automate reports, producing daily & weekly reports by easily configuring & scheduling the reports that suit your business requirements, which can be shared on a one-time basis or set up as recurring reports. Take data analysis & risk prevention to the next level with the predictive ability of Construction IQ. Using machine learning, Construction IQ scans project data & identifies high-risk areas. Whether from the perspective of design, quality, safety, or project controls, Construction IQ helps teams resolve issues on a project before they have a costly or time-consuming impact downstream.

Extract project data with a single click with Data Connector. Quickly extract project data for customised use in other robust business intelligence tools without the need for expensive APIs or custom code. Easily schedule data exports, sync data using the Power BI Connector, or use the public Data Connector API to seamlessly sync data directly into other Business Intelligence tools. Contact our team to discuss further.