Innovyze InfoDrainage

Crafting quality structures that stand the test of time.

Innovyze InfoDrainage

Design Optimisation of networks to mitigate flooding and meet regulatory

InfoDrainage creates detailed designs of both traditional and sustainable drainage, plus
customisable reports for local regulatory compliance.


InfoDrainage Standard Includes everything needed for an engineer to complete an optimal drainage design from
conceptual to detailed design phase & gain regulatory approval.

Provides for:

  • Customizable reports for local regulatory compliance.
  • Analyse drainage design (pipes, manholes, green infrastructure) for required rainfall events to    demonstrate compliance.

InfoDrainage Ultimate

Ultimate includes additional integration with Civil 3D for delivering BIM compliance and
demonstration of exceedance overland flow paths using 1D-2D analysis as required by approving authorities.

Provides for:

  • All Standard functionality of Standard plus:
  • Round trip between InfoDrainage & Civil 3D to minimise data loss and enable
    compliance with BIM workflows.
  • Sync designs between InfoDrainage within Civil 3D
  • For advanced design requirements demonstrate overland flow paths for exceedance events using 1D-2D analysis.

With Innovyze InfoDrainage, incorporate green infrastructure into drainage design, achieve simpler regulatory compliance, and achieve quick & compliant deliverables for development sign-off.


  • Taking complexity out of drainage design.
  • Seamlessly integrating with CAD, BIM & GIS.
  • Customising reports and templates for local regulation and requirements.

InfoDrainage lets you design, review, and approve sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), green infrastructure, and traditional drainage systems. InfoDrainage can help you design more clearly, richly, and confidently.

InfoDrainage is a full design and analysis solution used by designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants, and planners.