Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Cloud-based design collaboration software

BIM Collaborate Pro is a powerful cloud collaboration tool that allows users to co-author projects with cloud-based workflows for Revit, Civil 3D, & Plant. It helps maintain critical business continuity in remote or hybrid work environments by allowing remote teams to work effectively, regardless of location, making it as easy to work with outside firms as working with internal colleagues while maintaining control & security.

This helps reduce project risk by providing better visibility in a unified platform. Users gain visual project management tools, automated clash detection, issues tracking & management, & more. Project management tools like the Design Collaboration module bring together Revit design files & DWG files, such as AutoCAD & Civil 3D.

Project leaders in BIM Collaborate Pro & BIM Collaborate

  • Helps users securely control the project data, view progress, & control the information flow.
  • They can see changes, keep teams accountable, & access & roll back previous versions anytime.
  • A common data environment helps lead to fewer errors & omissions as all users work on the same project.
  • Users can see updates and changes from each stakeholder.
  • Helps reduce lost revenue due to rework & change.
  • BIM Collaborate & Collaborate Pro does not require additional server hardware, deployment & support. This helps save cost & hardware migration time while allowing scalability.

BIM Collaborate Pro connects architecture, engineering, and construction teams on a single platform to make collaboration simpler. It improves communication, accelerates project timelines, and reduces rework and RFIs.

BIM Collaborate Pro is used by AEC teams across disciplines, but is particularly useful for project managers, project architects, BIM leads, and digital practice managers.

On November 17, 2020, Autodesk unveiled a new range of product offerings developed on the Autodesk Construction Cloud (Autodesk Construction Cloud) platform.

To encompass the incorporation of the Model Coordination and Insight* modules, Glue, and access to the new Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, BIM 360 Design underwent a rebranding as "Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro".