Autodesk BIM Collaborate

Enhance your project management with Autodesk BIM Collaborate, a platform that centralises design, automates clash detection, and enables effective remote team collaboration.

What is Autodesk BIM Collaborate?

Coordinate teams and models from one place. Autodesk BIM Collaborate empowers project teams to align and execute on design intent and constructability by managing the entire design collaboration and coordination process — including model review and markups, issue management, change analysis, and clash detection.

For a comprehensive construction management solution that includes project management, field collaboration, and document management, explore the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Why Choose Autodesk BIM Collaborate?

Autodesk BIM Collaborate provides a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and improve project workflows for design teams. It integrates various advanced features like:

  • Clash Detection

Autodesk BIM Collaboration enables clash detection, a pivotal capability to the model coordination process.

  • Automatic Clash Detection

Model Coordination offers automated clash detection, a unique capability that reduces the time to conduct model coordination and empowers more stakeholders to be involved in coordination.

  • Common Data Environment

All models for the coordination workflow are managed in a common data environment (CDE), simplifying document manager overhead and giving BIM managers time back in their day. Also, project teams are always working from the latest design data.

  • Controlled & Collaborative

Through user, role, and company-based permission levels, it is easy to control who has access to specific information.

  • Automatic Grouping

Clashes are automatically grouped by object type and system, reducing the time BIM/VDC managers spend on manual processes.

  • Connected Issue Management

Enhance issue management efficiency by converting detected clashes into actionable issues, assigning them for resolution, and tracking their progress.

  • Proactive Quality Management

Identify and address project issues early with comprehensive visibility, minimising rework and keeping the project on track.

  • Integrated Issues

Manage issues across platforms like Navisworks and Revit, ensuring seamless model validation and issue resolution.

  • Robust Design Collaboration

Facilitate effective design data exchange between teams, transforming design documentation into a detailed project-based record.

  • Efficient Meetings

Optimise meeting productivity by reviewing clashes and managing issues in real time, ensuring all stakeholders have instant access to updates and action items.

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Common FAQs About Autodesk BIM Collaborate

Yes, Autodesk Docs is included in Autodesk BIM Collaborate. This integration enhances project management by centralising document management, streamlining design collaboration, and ensuring all team members can access the latest project information. 

Autodesk Docs provides a single source of truth, improving the efficiency and accuracy of managing design changes and project files.

BIM Collaborate builds on Autodesk Docs' powerful file storage, approval, and review workflows by adding the data management and clash detection functionality of the Design Collaboration and Model Coordination modules.

BIM Collaborate Pro expands capabilities by integrating Revit, Civil 3D, and Plant 3D in real time to better connect design and construction teams.

BIM 360 has evolved into Autodesk Build, a comprehensive construction management platform that includes project management, field collaboration, and document management. 

Autodesk BIM Collaborate focuses specifically on design collaboration, automating clash detection, and centralising design data for remote teams. It enhances project management workflows and integrates with tools like AutoCAD, Revit Cloud Worksharing, and Civil 3D files, making it ideal for design and construction teams seeking specialised collaboration features. 

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