Autodesk Construction Cloud

Elevate Your AEC Projects

Connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction.

Welcome to the future of construction management—welcome to Autodesk Construction Cloud. Designed exclusively for the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) industries, our revolutionary platform is your key to unlocking unprecedented success in every project you undertake. Explore how Autodesk Construction Cloud empowers you to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive project efficiency like never before.

Autodesk Docs

Centralise document management for all project teams, ensuring a single source of truth throughout the project lifecycle. Organise, distribute, and share files across the project lifecycle on one document management platform.

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Autodesk Build 

Effortlessly manage field execution and project management with our construction management software. Autodesk Build is a comprehensive site and project management software that delivers a broad, deep, and connected set of tools for the Construction sector. 

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Autodesk Collaborate 

Connect decision-makers and construction teams, automate model coordination, and enhance design reviews. align and execute on design intent and constructability by managing the entire design collaboration and coordination process – including model review and markups, issue management, change analysis, and clash detection. 

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Autodesk Takeoff 

Achieve accuracy and efficiency in estimates with 2D Quantity Take-offs (QTOs) and automated quantities from 3D models. Create competitive estimates & bids faster by empowering estimating teams to perform more accurate 2D take-offs & generate automatic quantities from 3D models within a single take-off solution. 

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Autodesk Assemble 

Condition, query, and connect BIM data to key workflows including design reviews, take-offs, estimating, change management, and value engineering to reduce risk and improve efficiencies during project planning and execution. Assemble, enables construction teams to group, sort, filter, and condition model-based quantities to create fast, accurate and highly visual Quantity Surveys, which can be easily formatted and connected to any estimate. 

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Autodesk BIM Tandem

Cloud-based digital twin technology platform. It enables projects to start digital and stay digital, transforming rich data into business intelligence. By harnessing BIM data throughout the process, AEC firms can create and handover a digital twin to building owners and operators. The easily accessible, contextual, and insightful data they receive makes for ready-to-go operations. 

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What your team can achieve with ACC

Unlock efficiency and excellence with Autodesk Construction Cloud 

We are faced with Construction challenges every day, but navigating software shouldn't be one. Our unified platform, Autodesk Construction Cloud, paves the way for enhanced construction projects through a user-friendly interface. 

Seamless Workflows, Enhanced Collaboration, Unmatched Results 

Efficiency begins with streamlined workflows. Autodesk Construction Cloud unites project teams from design to handover, all within a singular construction software solution. Seamlessly connect workflows and collaborate securely, all through the simplicity of our unified platform. 

Empower Trust & Collaboration among your Construction Teams 

Construction stakeholders thrive on trust and collaboration. Autodesk Construction Cloud provides potent, purpose-built tools designed for everyone in the construction ecosystem. Shape customised workflows for your projects and effortlessly manage information sharing with partners, ensuring security at every step. 

Elevate Project Outcomes with Data-Backed Insights 

Disconnected data creates uncertainty but connected data fuels confident decisions. With Autodesk Construction Cloud, amalgamate all project data into one central hub. Unlock predictive insights that not only reduce risks but also amplify margins, ensuring project success.