Autodesk Forma

Early-stage planning, reimagined.

Forma is a cloud-based AI software that empowers developers to assess & develop sites faster, smarter, & more collaboratively. Whether it’s for site acquisition or site development, work with the confidence that you’ve made the most of every single plot.

Forma empowers architects & urban planners to plan sites & develop early-stage designs faster, smarter, & more collaboratively. Deliver comprehensive feasibility studies with the confidence that you’ve explored the best options for every site.


  • Operational Energy - Explore the impacts of building design choices on energy consumption of HVAC, lighting, & plug-loads while you’re designing.
  •  Microclimate - Improve urban site design & outdoor thermal comfort through micro-climate analysis.
  •  Solar Energy - Assess rooftop renewable energy potential of
    photovoltaic panel systems.
  • Sunlight - Analyse the percentage of hours of direct sunlight on building façades & ground surfaces.
  • Natural Light - Visualise access to natural light in context with the surrounding buildings & environment.
  • Wind - Wind analysis illustrates building & site-influences on localised air flow patterns.
  • Noise - Understand how noise impacts external surrounding conditions to evaluate potential risk of acoustic discomfort.
  • Views - Visualise occupant sight lines & measure distances of exterior views & points of interest.  

Forma is used to design, analyze, and collaborate on high-quality proposals. Using Forma's cloud-based AI software you can carry out comprehensive feasibility studies and concept design for early-stage planning.

Anyone who is involved in early-stage planning. Regardless of whether you’re an architect, urban planner, or real estate developer, Forma is for you.