Diatec Group recognised officially as an Autodesk Platinum Partner.

We are excited to announce that after three decades of supporting the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry in Ireland, The Diatec Group has been awarded Platinum Partner status by Autodesk. 

 This milestone places us in the top 10 of Autodesk partners in Europe and has been achieved because of our committed team and loyal customers who have trusted us in supporting them on their own journeys.

This award of Platinum Partner Status by Autodesk has come during a period of change and unprecedented challenge in the last year and a half. 

Our establishment as a Platinum Partner in Ireland, during this time further solidifies not only our team's value and service, but equally, the strength and robust nature of our clients to continue progressing and developing sustainable businesses now and into the future. We enjoy continuing the Journey with them and new clients we collaborate with in the future. 

Lastly, this announcement is a direct recognition of the fact that in Ireland there is an abundance of exceptional capability, expertise, and ambition, and despite the size of our economy, we continue to punch above our weight globally.

This is a win we all share as part of a great community and Industry here in Ireland.

This new status will help us deliver enhanced support and services ensuring our Customers are at the forefront of the ever-changing digital transformation journey.

We again thank all who have contributed to this achievement and look forward to collaborating with our customers in the future. 


- Team Diatec

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