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uy Autodesk tokens & use these tokens to give you access to products like Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Navisworks Manage, Inventor etc

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*Occasional use rule of thumb: If a user requires an Autodesk App more than 7 times in a month, then maybe Subscription is the right option for them as opposed to Token Flex.

Our team can help you work out the most cost-effective solution for your licensing requirements. Contact to know more

Published token rates as of Feb 2022:

Prices Below May Change -

Flex Token Quantity

Total Cost Net

Cost/Token Each

500 Flex Tokens



1,000 Flex Tokens



5,000 Flex Tokens



10,000 Flex Tokens



15,000 Flex Tokens



25,000 Flex Tokens



50,000 Flex Tokens



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