Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Case Study: Designer Group - Revolutionising Construction Efficiency


In the dynamic and highly competitive construction industry, staying ahead requires relentless innovation and a focus on efficiency. Designer Group, a prominent player in the sector, recognised the urgent need to evolve and integrate new technology to maintain a strong competitive edge. Their journey towards streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration began with the integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into on-site construction activities.

Designer Group case Study

Customer Challenge

Designer Group faced a major hurdle. Despite having a proficient engineering and BIM team producing intricate Revit BIM models, the disconnect between the virtual model and on-site construction processes posed a significant obstacle. Alan Woods, Head of Engineering at Designer Group, emphasised the issue, stating, "It's of no use having these detailed models confined to our digital realm, isolated from practical implementation."

Project Goals

Following an in-depth consultation, Designer Group's fundamental goal became clear: to empower on-site construction teams with the invaluable insights and data encapsulated within their BIM models. Their aspiration was to seamlessly bridge the gap between their intricate digital models and the physical construction environment, thus improving efficiency and increasing profit margins.


Designer Group initiated a collaborative partnership with Diatec to implement a Common Data Environment (CDE) and BIM solution. Their joint efforts led them to the adoption of Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, a groundbreaking solution engineered to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical realms of construction. Eoghan Keenan, BIM Handover Lead, elaborated on the transformation, stating, "BIM Collaborate Pro effectively identifies changes and selectively syncs them to the cloud." This optimisation streamlined the synchronisation process, reducing it from a half-hour ordeal to a mere five to six minutes.

Business Outcome

The outcomes of this collaborative effort have been nothing short of remarkable. Designer Group not only realised a substantial cost-saving but also experienced a profound shift in their project ethos. Alan Woods underscored this change, saying "Collaboration stands as the bedrock of successful construction." This transformation allowed every team member to access the latest information, facilitating remote work, real-time collaboration on a global scale, and breaking down the barriers separating teams in India, the UK, and beyond. Woods went on the state “We're getting our information quicker, which means we're producing our drawings quicker, which means a site installation is getting done quicker, which will make us more competitive for future projects.”



In conclusion, Designer Group's adoption of Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro is reshaping the construction landscape. Beyond mere efficiency gains, it leads to accelerated drawing production, swifter site installations, and an enhanced competitive edge. Designer Group's unwavering commitment to leveraging BIM technology not only ensures their place at the forefront of the industry but also facilitates the delivery of higher-quality projects.

Designer Group's journey doesn't culminate with this successful integration; it represents a strategic, company-wide commitment. They are actively working with Diatec to transition from server-based operations to hosting all CAD files within BIM Collaborate Pro. This move is pivotal in capturing as-built information and bringing the circle of BIM Collaborate Pro's use to completion. It aligns perfectly with their 2025 strategy to reduce paper waste on construction sites.

In partnership with Diatec, Designer Group is redefining what's possible in the competitive construction landscape, one efficient project at a time.


Project Summary

Delivery Date:
Commencement November 2021

Project Duration

Autodesk Solutions:
Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro & Autodesk Docs.

Customer Industry:
Construction & Engineering.