Autodesk AEC Collection and Autodesk Construction Cloud Case Study: O’Flynn Group


O'Flynn Group, an Irish property developer, partnered with Diatec Group, a platinum partner of Autodesk, to address their challenges in design and project management. By leveraging Autodesk software, including AutoCAD LT, Revit, AEC Collection, BIM Collaborate, and BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud, O'Flynn Group achieved significant improvements. The collaboration enhanced collaboration among teams, reduced errors, and rework, and streamlined their project management processes. With Diatec's guidance, O'Flynn Group successfully centralised their drawings, minimised the risk of errors caused by outdated revisions, and improved the tracking of teams, designs, and costs. The partnership enabled O'Flynn Group to optimise their use of Autodesk software and lay the foundation for further advancements in their design and project management capabilities.


O’Flynn Group faced challenges in optimising their use of Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM 360) software. They needed to improve their project management processes, enhance collaboration, reduce errors, and effectively track documents revisions and costs. Designs being sent via email raised the chance of mistakes and older designs being used. This was unacceptable to O’Flynn Group. 

Orla Kelleher, IT manager, O’Flynn Group described the challenges:
“I have a big concern with drawings being sent over email between Teams. That raises the chances of errors happening, including failing to use the latest revision. It is vital to have all project information in one place to ensure that everyone is uploading to that one location and using the latest revision. Versioning in the software needs to be used so that all contributors working on the project know when a drawing has been superseded and can be crystal clear that they are using the correct version.”



O'Flynn Group had several goals in mind. First, they aimed to optimise the utilisation of Autodesk software for both design and project management purposes. They wanted to enhance collaboration among their teams and minimise miscommunication, errors, and rework. Keeping all project information in one location, in a Common Data Environment (CDE) to ensure the use of the latest revisions was a priority. They sought to leverage Autodesk Construction Cloud with BIM Collaborate, a critical project management tool, to streamline workflows, integrate a drawing approval process, connect teams, and manage data. Additionally, they aimed to establish a standard operating procedure (SOP) that outlined best practices for all project staff to follow.


To address their challenges and achieve their goals, O'Flynn Group formed a partnership with Diatec Group, a platinum partner of Autodesk, an Autodesk Elite Construction Specialist, and an expert in CAD and BIM software. They implemented a comprehensive solution that included the adoption of Autodesk AutoCAD LT for 2D design and Autodesk Revit with the AEC Collection for 3D building information modelling (BIM). Furthermore, they utilised Autodesk BIM Collaborate as a crucial project management tool to track teams, designs, and costs. O'Flynn Group centralised all their designs in one location using Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM360), ensuring version control and minimising errors caused by outdated revisions. They also integrated construction certification management and sharing within Autodesk BIM Collaborate for various purposes, such as house sales trackers and building compliance certifications. Throughout the process, Diatec provided valuable guidance as a trusted advisor to ensure O'Flynn Group stayed on the right track and evolved their use of Autodesk software effectively.



The adoption and utilisation of Autodesk software, along with the support from Diatec, yielded significant benefits for O'Flynn Group.

They experienced a reduction in errors and rework as collaboration and version control improved. The company's project management capabilities were enhanced, resulting in better project tracking and cost management. By consolidating all project information in one location through Autodesk Construction Cloud/BIM 360, O'Flynn Group streamlined their processes and minimised the risk of errors caused by outdated drawings.

Orla Kelleher, IT Manager, O’Flynn Group comments: “We had built a strong, trust-based relationship with Diatec and it was on their recommendation that we implemented Autodesk Construction Cloud, with BIM Collaborate and Docs. I was immediately impressed with the software and its capabilities. Since implementing it, we have found it much easier to keep track of our teams, our drawing revisions, and costs. BIM Collaborate is a critical project management tool for us, enabling us to ensure that the project stays on track, improve collaboration, and reduce miscommunication, error, and rework.
The big benefit of Autodesk Construction Cloud and Docs is that it enables us to keep all of our drawings in one location.

O’Flynn Group is now using the Autodesk BIM Collaborate software for a lot more than just drawings. They also use it to store certification information around house building certifications or Building Energy Rating certificates and for sharing those documents with other project stakeholders, where appropriate. In this sense, it has taken on the role of a project system of record.

O'Flynn Group are also implementing drawing approval processes and developing a standard operating procedure (SOP) to further improve project management and ensure quality control.



Through their partnership with Autodesk and Diatec, O'Flynn Group successfully optimised their design and project management processes. By leveraging Autodesk software, such as AutoCAD LT, Revit, AEC Collection, BIM Collaborate, and Autodesk Construction Cloud/BIM 360, they achieved improved collaboration, reduced errors, and gained better control over their projects. The ongoing guidance and support from Diatec played a crucial role in driving these enhancements. O'Flynn Group plans to continue evolving their use of Autodesk software over time, further connecting the office with the field, and benefiting from their partnership with Diatec. Overall, the collaboration between O'Flynn Group, Autodesk, and Diatec proved instrumental in driving enhanced design and project management capabilities for the property developer.