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Why Choose NTI for Your Autodesk Subscription?

With an Autodesk subscription through NTI Diatec, you unlock a wealth of customer benefits.

The AEC industry remains a vital cornerstone of the economy, carrying significant stakes and responsibilities.

At NTI Diatec, we empower construction professionals with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to overcome challenges and ensure the flawless delivery of projects. Our expertise consistently turns obstacles into dependable solutions, guaranteeing success, time and time again.

Help with licenses
Many people find dealing with licenses and codes cumbersome. And for good reason. That's why we offer free help on how to create new users and how to use your Autodesk Account. We know your market and know how your license composition should be in order to function optimally.
Course advice
We prepare our own course material that is relevant to our customers, and with over 30 years in the industry, we can therefore provide very special advice that matches your or your company's needs. Get free guidance on the course as well as special options for customised company courses.
Business development
We offer a consultations, where we clarify the digital challenges you as a company encounter around data, digital forms of collaboration, automated workflows and processes. You get, among other things, insights into necessary action areas as well as analyses for further use.

All customers are welcome

At NTI Diatec, we support companies of all sizes in the construction and industry sectors. Whether you're a sole proprietor or part of an international group, we are equipped to collaborate with you. With our presence across Europe, we offer seamless license management and address challenges across national borders.

Customer satisfaction

We prioritise our customers' satisfaction and continuously seek their feedback to ensure an optimal customer experience. In case of challenges, we take it seriously and follow up with our customers to ensure that their needs and expectations are met. Our customer satisfaction is, among other things, high - because we have the skills and experience to provide high service all the way. 

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You are in the best hands with NTI DIATEC

In order to achieve Platinum partner status, we at NTI Diatec must continuously pass certifications of all Autodesk products.

We therefore have several dedicated consultants available within each area/product; and in addition to advising on the use of the products, our consultants are also super users of them themselves.  

You can therefore expect to be met with a high level of knowledge and quality within advice, product knowledge, implementation and training in Autodesk's many products.

We develop solutions in dialogue with our customers

We develop our own solutions and applications that complement Autodesk's range, so that you are guaranteed maximum benefit from them.

All work is carried out by our own large development team, which develops new applications, optimises the existing ones and releases updates regularly based on the feedback we receive, so you can always work efficiently in your projects.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge - participate in our events!

Every year, we generously share our knowledge via various webinars and attend large, physical industry events. Here we share our industry expertise to many hundreds of customers for inspiration and knowledge sharing about digital trends and opportunities.

Find all our events and webinars here!

NTI Diatec can advise you on these issues and others impacting your business. We have a track record of over 30 years’ experience in helping our clients plan and deliver their business strategy, working as partners to deliver business change, implement new software solutions and train and enable staff to realise the benefits.

This ensures that you maximise the returns on your investment and realise the return on that investment as quickly as possible. We can also help you understand how digital transformation and BIM impacts you, and can benefit your business, how you could implement it and how to manage the risk.