Missing BIM 360 projects in Revit

Missing Projects with BIM 360 Design

Like Revit, BIM 360 Design projects are version specific and can create some confusion over missing projects.

For example in image below, I have a project in BIM 360 called GD_Sample

This project has the service BIM 360 Design activated for the member, circled in red as shown.

However, this project does not appear in the Revit home page under the BIM 360 Project list so the user cannot access it even though they have been invited to the project.

The problem lies with versioning. In Revit, I am using version 2020 but the version of the first Revit file that was used with BIM 360 Design for this project sets out the version going forward. To find out what version this project is using so you can then use the appropriate Revit, go to the Project Admin Section

You can see this project uses Revit 2019 for its cloud models. This is why I could not see the project in my Revit 2020. There is the opportunity here also to upgrade all the models to 2020 in one go. Much faster than individually upgrading through Revit. Be careful here though as this would require agreement by all participants to this project.

So now we know we need Revit 2019 to collaborate this BIM 360 project.

I've gone ahead and upgraded the project to Revit 2020 and I can now see the project for opening in my BIM 360 project list.

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