C-CAD Computing Now Part of the Diatec Group

Over the last few years both C-CAD and Diatec have been acutely aware that the industry was changing.

The needs and requirements of our collective customers require a wider range of services, technology and support.

In direct response to this, we concurred that meeting the changing market would require a channel partner with scale, agility and technical/sales capabilities beyond what was capable today.

The best course of action was to combine our collective experience and capabilities to meet our customers’ existing and future needs.

Our clients are transitioning to more workflow specific and digitized project delivery work practises, looking to drive value and quality focused business strategies.

We as a group agreed, that a larger organisation in multiple locations, capable of driving the same quality and service throughout was a key requirement.

The coming together of C-CAD and Diatec was the perfect match, as both companies have a long established tradition in the market and are keenly placed to move forward collectively to work more closely with the market.

For our customers this is a statement of intent, that we as a group understand what they require from us in the future and we are committed to meeting and exceeding that requirement.

We thank all our customers and suppliers for their continued business and support and look forward to extending that relationship into the future.

For more information contact our Managing Director, David Harpur on 01-8530661 or email dharpur@diatec.ie

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