Revit Architecture Essentials Syllabus

This course is a virtual class based on our classroom course. Enabling attendees to implement Revit. Focusing on the environment of Revit and Designing in Revit for the needs of the projects you are working on.

Session 1

Introduction to Revit

User Interface: Ribbon Display, Keyboard Shortcuts, Palettes, Options.

View Creation: Plans & Creating Levels, Elevations, Sections, 3D Views.

​Basic Revit Elements: Grids, Temporary Dimensions, Annotation Dimensions, Snaps Increment, Dimension & Align Constraints, Scope Box.

​Concept of Families & Selection: System v Component, Type v Instance, Element Selection Methods

Session 2

Object Display & Visibility Control: Project Settings, Categories, View Specific Display, Object Specific Display, Temporary Display.

Basic Editing Tools: Move/Copy/Offset/Array/Mirror/Rotate, Trim/Extend/Split, Pin

Wall Creation: Basic Wall Type, Wall Options, Attaching Walls, Wall Edit Profile

Session 3

System Family Creation: Layers, Materials

Adding Components: Windows & Doors, Loadable Components, Insert Families

​Floors: Floor Boundaries and Openings, Sloped Floors

​Ceilings: Auto Ceiling & Sketched Ceiling, Sloped Ceiling

​Roofs: Roof by Footprint, Roof by Extrusion

Session 4

Curtain Walls: Curtain Grids, Curtain Panels, Mullions, Embedded Curtain Walls

Stairs: Basic Stair Creation, Non-Standard Stairs, Multi Storey Stairs

​Railings: Hosted Railings, Sketched Railings, Rail Options


Session 5

Rooms: Room Creation, Tagging & Scheduling Rooms, Colour Schemes

Draughting & Detailing: Drafting & Callout views, Detailing with Lines/Hatching/Components, Repeating Components, Text, Tags & Keynote

Session 6

Schedules: Schedule Creation, Customising Schedules

Sheet Compilation: Creating Sheets, Title blocks, Placing Views on Sheets, Publishing Sheets