This AutoCAD Intermediate course course aims to introduce the student to the techniques used when operating AutoCAD to produce technical drawings to a professional level. On completion of the course students will be able to:  Create customised workspaces and update the quick access toolbar. Reset the drawing aids to utilise advanced settings to enhance the drawing process.  Create drawing templates to international standards by formatting the drawing settings. Develop drawing layouts and use advanced features to create scaled drawings using multiple viewports. Create and manage drawing block and attributes and use advanced tools to manage reusable content.

Training Methodology
• 2 full days online training or 4 half day online sessions 
• Whitefrog Training Courseware.
• Blended Learning.
Web Tools. Includes Power point presentations, Notes, Videos
• Practical Exercises

Intermediate Level Autodesk Training Centre course completion certificate.


Session 1: Working Effectively with AutoCAD

  • Creating a Custom Workspace.
  • Customised the quick access Toolbar.
  • Customising the Drawing Aid and Dynamic input Settings.
  • Advanced Drawing and Editing Tools.
  • Accurate Positioning Techniques.
  • Selection Tools.
  • Hands on Practical Exercises

Session 2: Creating Templates and Styles Management

  • Layer Tools and Layer Management
  • Advanced Text Editing Tools
  • Formatting Template styles –

(Layers, Line types, Line weights, Scale Lists, Units, Point Styles, limits, Text Styles, Tables, Dimension Styles and Dimension families, Multileader styles)

  • Formatting Styles for Annotation Scaling –

(Text, Dimensions, Multi leader Styles)

  • Advanced Drawing Annotation
  • Hands on Practical Exercise


Session 3: Working with Layouts and Viewports

  • Creating Layouts and Page Setup Management
  • Viewport Scaling Techniques.
  • Using annotation scaling.
  • Viewport Management Tools
  • Viewport Properties Management
  • Controlling Object Visibility in Layout Viewports
  • Transferring Layouts across Drawings
  • Colour and Named Plot styles
  • Hands on Practical Exercises

Session 4: Blocks and Block Management

  • Advanced Title Blocks with Attributes and Text Fields
  • Working with Blocks
  • Creating Attributes
  • Editing Attributes
  • Using Block management palettes.
  • External and Cross reference techniques.
  • Using Tool palettes.
  • Hands on Practical Exercises

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