Revit Cloud Work-sharing Unpublished Backups

I recently got a question from a customer who I was showing how in BIM 360 we can roll back to the previous version of published models, compare them etc. all good stuff. I was then asked, well what about the unpublished models, the WIP synced model in Revit. I thought about it and in local work-sharing, we have our Restore Backups. What’s the equivalent in cloud land? To be honest, I couldn’t recall, in fact, I did know but had forgotten, it was in the days of C4R & Team I had used this feature. However, it’s still just as useful now.

In the Collaborate Ribbon in Revit go to the Manage Cloud Models command, under the Manage Models Tab. You will be then presented with the Projects you have access to. Click into the relevant one. The display should now look similar to below

This is a list of your recently synced files in this project. Yes, it doesn’t tell you their location, but I hope from the filenames you know what you are looking for.

By the way, there are some nice features in this dialogue, like the top right – the Publish All button to BIM 360

So across from each filename if you hover around the Update By column you will see what's below, then click the drop-down

The green tick tells us the latest synced version of the model has been published to BIM 360 Docs. What’s crucial here is it also allows us to View Versions. Clicking that option will give you this

So we have a list of all saved backups of our work shared model with comments if you been thorough and added them.

So hover to the end and we can restore any one of those versions. You will be given warnings about the consequences before you commit.

That’s OK and we restore.

So yes we can retrieve backups from our ‘WIP’ models as well as our Published Models.

Maybe it’s time to bring this feature to the fore in our new Home Page in Revit (especially for the forgetful!)

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