Infraworks & Terrain Layers

Infraworks & Terrain Layers

In the newer versions of Infraworks, when adding Terrain layers you will now see this message

This is good because now we are reminded that these layers when overlapping need to be configured.

See Surface Layers Panel below. I have added an ASC file based survey called ‘Detailed Survey’. It cannot be displayed if left in the uncategorised section. The Ground Surface layer is my Bing Imagery from the model builder.

I want to have Bing Maps for the entire site but the detailed survey to override where it exists and have them blend together at edges. 

This is a simple case of placing the detailed survey in the same ‘Layer’ as the Bing Maps but first in the list. We place by drag and drop.

This is the before 

Then the After

The Bing maps blend into the Detailed Surface. This becomes more obvious when triangulation is shown – the sparse triangulation from bing maps to my tight triangulation from detailed survey

You can create a situation where one can overlay the other by creating an additional layer. My example below I created a layer ‘Underlayer’. I have dragged the Detailed Survey ASC to it. Now this overlays my Bing Maps. The raster imagery will drape only on the terrain which is listed first so in this case Bing Maps that gets the drape.

We can also change colour and change opacity of each Layer (right click layer name for its settings)

Although I'm still trying to think where I can use this !

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