Denied Access to BIM 360 Design

The dreaded “You do not currently have access to Autodesk Collaboration for Revit.” appears when you click the BIM 360 icon to open your projects in Revit. 

You have been given access to the project in BIM 360, assigned the BIM 360 design service, you’ve checked permissions and still the error displays.

This error has caught out a number of our customers and caused frustration. BIM 360 Design is unlike the other BIM 360 services in that it's not enough to just grant the service. It’s a “Bring Your Own License” service so it has to be assigned to a user in the Autodesk Account, just like it was a Revit or an AutoCAD. Then it can be portable to any BIM 360 project.

Another one to watch out for is where the assignment itself needs to be done in your Autodesk Account. If it’s a serial based product it needs to be assigned in Classic Management. You can check this on your contracts page and the portal will tell you where to go.

You can see here Activation by ‘Sign in’ is done in the newer interface under the Team Name (Team name will be different for everyone). Serial/Key is N/A so classic

Restart Revit and you should now see all the projects you have an invite.

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