BIM 360 Docs: A Common Data Environment for BIM Level 2


The four main pillars of PAS 1192 CDE should include these four fundamental data management capabilities:

1. A shared project workspace for project team members from different disciplines, companies, and locations

2. A Controlled access to the information stored in the CDE

3. A structured, configurable approval process to control the flow of project information

4. A process to track and manage activity related to the CDE’s information and controls Shared Workspace BIM 360 Docs allows organizations working together on a project to exchange information in an efficient and collaborative manner using a shared project workspace.

This shared workspace can be configured to accommodate the four functional sections described in PAS 1192-2, clause 9.2.2—WIP (WORK IN PROGRESS), SHARED, PUBLISHED DOCUMENTATION, and ARCHIVE – that are associated with BIM Level 2 project approval gates and information states. These sections can have independent data structures, permissions, and approval workflows. BIM 360 Docs can accommodate project files regardless of their formats or the vendor-specific software used to create them. This includes models, drawings and documentation, specifications, contracts, change orders, emails, schedules, videos, and photographs. Controlled Access Project teams using BIM 360 Docs can organize, distribute, and provide secure, cross-organizational, permission-based access to project data while capturing milestones and history. BIM 360 Docs provides full access control, at an individual level, and will provide a full audit trail of all CDE activities.

In addition, approved team members can access project information in the CDE from a mobile device with internet access since BIM 360 Docs is a cloud-based data management, solution project information can also be viewed offline once synced. Secure authentication and authorization controls are especially important for offerings like BIM 360 Docs that are hosted in the cloud. BIM 360 Docs provides authentication mechanisms to verify the identity of users as well as a permission system to restrict access to resources based on roles. Information may be managed using version control and full activity tracking. When changes are made to files, a complete version history of all changes is maintained. Configurable Approval Process BIM 360 Docs has a built-in workflow engine that can be configured by clients to manage the BIM Level 2 approval process for moving data through approval gates and functional areas.

Once configured, the BIM 360 Docs approval gates and sign-off procedures will allow project information to flow between the sections. It provides functionality for hosting ‘work in progress’ information as well as the controlled publication and sharing of approved project information. The BIM 360 Docs approval process will ensure that only the appropriate approver can allow information to pass through the approval gate, as specified in PAS 1192-2, clause 9.2.2. With BIM 360 Docs, the client or its representative(s) can be given the correct authority and approvals to access information in the functional sections of the CDE and promote data to the next functional level if the work passes the various checks required by the project. Activity Tracking BIM 360 Docs will provide a full audit trail of all CDE activities including rollback capabilities to revert to previous versions when required. In addition, BIM 360 Docs provides authenticated access, data/time stamping, and version control.


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