End-user/Asset owners

Crafting quality structures that stand the test of time.


Design Optimisation of networks to mitigate flooding & meet regulatory

InfoDrainage creates detailed designs of both traditional & sustainable drainage, plus
customisable reports for local regulatory compliance.


Start of Features:
ContentCustomizable reports for local regulatory compliance. Analyse drainage design (pipes, manholes, green infrastructure) for required rainfall events to demonstrate compliance.Round trip between InfoDrainage & Civil 3D to minimise data loss and enable compliance with BIM workflows. Sync designs between InfoDrainage within Civil 3D For advanced design requirements demonstrate overland flow paths for exceedance events using 1D-2D analysis.• Taking complexity out of drainage design. • Seamlessly integrating with CAD, BIM & GIS. • Customising reports & templates for local regulation & requirements.

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As end-users or asset owners, you are required to meet more and more competing legislation and mixed use demands


You face many challenges, needing to stipulate very complex building specification, to meet modern sustainability requirements with more flexible spaces, suitable for changing demands of workers and tenants being one. Inheriting these complex buildings after
construction and being able to operate and maintain them in an efficient and cost effective way.

How we can help

Diatec Group can help you with advise on these issues and others impacting your business, we have over 30 years experience in helping our clients plan and deliver their business strategy, working as partners to deliver business change, implement new software solutions and train and enable staff to reap the benefits.