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Construction continues to be a critically important sector for the whole economy. Not only its direct employment of a nearly 9% of the global workforce and its contribution to GDP at 14% globally. The Buildings, Roads, Hospitals etc. it builds improves society, and allows other sectors to function and create more wealth.


The industry also plays a key role in facing the planet’s sustainability crisis, being responsible for 11% of the planets carbon emissions during construction and 28% from the operation of buildings. As an industry we are constantly looking for ways to construct lower impact structures. While doing this we are also challenged to build more, more quickly and at lower costs than ever before to meet societal needs.

Sadly, this is not the only challenge the construction industry is facing today. We are all struggling with supply chain issues, in both increasing and unstable costs and availability of material costs, making it difficult (to say the least) to price jobs, keep them on track and make a profit. With the global issues we are currently experiencing this is unlikely to stabilise in the short to medium term.

We are also seeing an unprecedented shortage in staff and skills in the industry. With 63% of trades struggling to find staff to meet project requirements in 2023 and a predicted 8.3% rise in labour costs due to high demand, it is no surprise that many organisations state this is the biggest issue they face this year.

Digital Transformation for the construction industry

Yet another ‘hot topic’ in the Construction industry is Digital transformation. This is seen as a bit of a buzz word (or phrase) but rather than an issue facing the industry it can be harnessed to be part of the solution to many of the challenges we face. Digital transformation for the construction industry, when successfully leads to reduced waste through identifying issues early in the design and construction process, improving communications and reducing errors.

How Diatec can help

Diatec Group can advise you on these issues and others impacting your business. We have a track record of over 30 years’ experience in helping our clients plan and deliver their business strategy, working as partners to deliver business change, implement new software solutions and train and enable staff to realise the benefits. This ensures that you maximise the returns on your investment and realise the return on that investment as quickly as possible. We can also help you understand how digital transformation and BIM impacts you, and can benefit your business, how you could implement it and how to manage the risk.

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